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Founded in 1974, Pacific Primary provides a full-time, year-round preschool for San Francisco’s working families. Pacific Primary’s educational philosophy has been designed to support the whole child and to foster growth and creativity. Pacific Primary has developed a reputation as one of the most innovative preschools in the US and is recognized today as a national leader in fully integrating all forms of diversity into its curriculum and school environment.

Pacific Primary now enrolls 155 children with broad ethnic and family structure diversity. The School has had only four directors in its 45 year history, providing stability and strong leadership. Governance is provided by a Board of Directors comprised of 21 current and alumni parents. The School is managed prudently, operating consistently within budget. In 2010, Pacific Primary became a Preschool For All site.

Our Families
Total Enrollment 154
Yellow Sun School 80
Orange Sun School 74
Receiving financial aid 20%
With special needs 5%
Total tuition assistance awarded $430,260
As a % of total tuition 11%
Bilingual children 12%

African American/Bi-racial 13%
Asian/Bi-racial 32%
Hispanic/Latino/Bi-racial 12%
Other 12%
Caucasian 31%

Family Diversity
Single Parents 4%
Adoptive Parents 2%

We have 47 staff members, and a student/teacher ratio of approximately 6-to-1. All of our teachers have full ECE units and most have a BA or MA. The average teaching tenure of our staff is 8 years. The staff also includes Music & Movement Specialists and Expressive Arts Specialists, as well as two full-time Chefs.

Belann Giarretto, Executive & Yellow Sun School Director
Madonna Stancil, Orange Sun School Director

Board Officers:
Chris Edwards, President
Rachel Rouda, Vice President
My Le Adams, Treasurer
Meenal Balar, Secretary


Yellow Sun School
The original campus – the Yellow Sun School – is a single-story, 4,400 square foot facility on the corner of Grove and Baker, with a playground space of 5,600 square feet. The Yellow Sun School accommodates 80 children and is owned by Pacific Primary.

Orange Sun School
Completed in August 2008, the Orange Sun School (OSS) is directly across the street from the Yellow Sun School (YSS) and accommodates 75 children, as well as housing all of Pacific Primary’s administrative offices. This facility is two-story, with 7,400 square feet and a 3,600 square foot playground. The building is ADA-accessible and contains a variety of environmentally sensible features including solar power and radiant heating. The facility is also owned by Pacific Primary.

Finances – 2019/2020 Budget

Tuition 4,218,228
Tuition assistance (430,260)
Fundraising 628,179
All other income 195,965
Total revenue 4,612,112
Staff costs 3,382,823
Benefits 478,110
Food 100,000
Utilities/custodial 90,697
Program expenses 134,605
All other expenses 287,079
Total operating expenses 4,473,314


Elementary Schools Attended by Graduates (last three years)

Public Schools Independent Schools
Alice Fong Yu
Chinese Immersion School at DeAvila
Claire Lilienthal
Creative Arts Charter School
Harvey Milk
New School of San Francisco
New Traditions
West Portal
Alta Vista
Children’s Day
French American
Live Oak
Marin Country Day
Presidio Hill
Redwood Day – Oakland
SF Day
SF Friends
St. Phillips